Welcome to Calabasas

Welcome to Calabasas

Hi everyone….

We have lived in Calabasas for over 2 years now and we are loving this little city.  This city has become so popular because of the many celebrities that live here.   It is the cutest little city with a quaint, country vibe.


Calabasas was home to the Chumash Indians until Spanish settlers arrived in the 1700’s. Some people think the term calabasas came from the Spanish word pumpkin. Settlers like Juan DeAnza and Miguel Leonis settled in the area, taking over large areas of the land. Around the 1900’s, areas in Calabasas became spots for weekend getaways from Los Angeles.  In what is now Old Town Calabasas is the Leonis Adobe, the Victorian style home of Miguel Leonis and his Chumash wife.  There is also a restaurant, Sagebrush Cantina that used to be small stores in the 1920’s. The parking lot was also the local jail (www.cityofcalabasas.com)

Things to do

  • Even though Calabasas is a pretty small city, there are many things to do here.  There is the popular Commons of Calabasas, full of restaurants like Le Pain, Kingsfish House, and Corner Bakery.  The Commons also have stores like Williams Sonoma, Sephora, Lululemon, and best of all, Barnes and Noble.
  • There are plenty of historic sites like the Leonis Adobe Museum and Old Town Calabasas, all within walking distance from each other.
  • The parks in this city are also well maintained, and perfect for a picnic any day of the week.  These parks include the Juan Bautista De Anza Park and Gates Canyon Park.
  • If you are lucky enough to know someone, a tour around the homes in the gated communities of Calabasas is quite a sight to behold.  Usually, the celebrities live inside these gated communities, and some gated communities have a gated community within the gated community like the Oaks Estates within the Oaks.  Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian live in the Oaks Estates, while Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner live in a the gated city of Hidden Hills, super close by.

Visiting Calabasas

If you are interested in a visit to this historic city, the Anza Hotel is right in the middle of the city, and within walking distance to everything.  I do think knowing someone who is familiar with this city is helpful. You can better appreciate this historic place and discover the hidden gems within it and the wonderful places nearby.


♥ Lesley Kim