Upbra maroon bikini

Upbra maroon bikini

Upbra maroon bikini

Hi everyone….

When I had another chance to collaborate with Upbra, of course I couldn’t say no. I not only love their undergarments, but now I am obsessed with their new swimwear line as well. I already have the teal blue bikini set from Upbra (which I absolutely love), and decided to also try the Upbra maroon bikini set. The vibrancy of the colors of the Upbra bikini set makes for a perfect poolside or beachside look.

Upbra Swimwear Line

There are only three colors available in the Upbra swimwear line, which includes the classic black. Because summer to me means colors and fun, I wanted both the teal and maroon.  These two sets are flattering and bold, with the classic streamlined look of a bikini set.  The low rise bottom is also the perfect coverage- perfect for fun in the sun. The bikini top retails for $84.00 and the bikini bottom for $22.00.

The Upbra Lift Technology

As I mentioned before in my other posts, the Upbra is well-made with an innovative lift technology that creates cleavage tailored to your preferred look. The adjustable straps built into the cups allow you to easily create your desired cleavage. The bikini top has a high quality design that can be worn strapless or with the straps without worry of falling down.  The fabric is also durable yet comfortable, ensuring many years of wear in the water.


I am usually a 34B, but for the Upbra maroon bikini set, I decided to size down to a 34A, which I found was a better fit for me. There is also an Upbra sizing App that you can use to select the perfect size for you. The great thing about this app is that you do not need your camera or a measuring tape. The app will do everything to find the perfect size for you.


♥ Lesley Kim



***This is a sponsored post by Upbra, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.