Upbra convertible bra

Upbra convertible bra

Upbra convertible bra


Well made, high quality undergarments are the foundation of any good outfit.  As a blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for perfect undergarments that can transition any look- from bohemian chic to rocker chic- in an instant.   I received the Upbra t-shirt bra in Nude and the Upbra Convertible Bra in black- and  I was extremely surprised by the quality of of these bras.

Upbra was launched in 2015 with the purpose of creating lift and cleavage without excessive padding for a natural and comfortable feel.  The Upbra is also revolutionary with its technology that makes it easy for any woman to adjust their lift and cleavage with a pull of the cleavage adjusting strap. The ActiveLift technology built into this bra is unlike anything I have seen before.  They are light, enhancing, and versatile.  The Upbras range from $79.00- $89.00.

What I love about the Upbra t-shirt bra is its simple design, versatility, and quality construction. It retails for $79.00 and well worth the price for its cleavage enhancing and flattering effect. The Upbra t-shirt bra looks seamless under any t-shirt, creating a streamlined silhouette that is not only natural but also refined. As a mommy of two little ones, there are days I live on fitted tees and skinny jeans.  A good bra can make any tee look expensive and chic, and the Upbra t-shirt bra does just that.  I also selected Nude because it allows me to wear white tees without contrasting with my undergarments.

I also received the Upbra Convertible bra, pictured in this post. The Upbra Convertible bra is my favorite because it provides control of your cleavage, from modest to daring and bold.  This bra is also extremely flattering and versatile, transforming from a number of different ways because of its convertible straps.  As a fashion blogger, a good convertible bra is a must, and the Upbra Convertible bra has soon became my go to bra.

How do you feel about high quality undergarments?


***This is a sponsored post by Upbra, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.