Upbra Bikini Set

Upbra Bikini Set

Victoria Secret vs. Upbra Convertible Bra

Hi everyone….

Summer is literally around the corner and that means pool, beach and sand. Because these summer days are coming soon, I am constantly on the lookout for great bathing suits.  I am searching for swimsuits that are not only stylish but also well fitted and flattering.


Upbra is a brand that I love, and I think of them when I look for quality undergarments. I own a couple of Upbra undergarments and love the way they fit my body.  I was happily surprised to learn that Upbra not only carries well-made, high-quality bras, but also  bathing suits.  These swimsuits are similar in construction to the Upbra undergarments but made for play in the pool or the beach. 

The Upbra Bikini sets, like the Upbra undergarments, have the unique technology that is true to Upbra- creating lift and cleavage in just the right amount desired.  The UpBra Bikini top can be worn with straps or as a strapless while providing amazing cleavage. There are three different colors to choose from- black, red, and teal.  For my bikini set, I am wearing a 34B bikini top in teal, and a Small bikini bottom.  The Upbra bikini fits true to size, and is super comfortable despite it’s cleavage lifting technology. If you are between sizes, I recommend sizing down on the bikini top.  Even though I am a 34B, I think I could have fit a 34A as well.  I love that the fabric is high-quality and thick, ensuring many years of use.  I am also in love with the vibrant teal color that is perfect for the pool or the beach.

The Upbra Convertible is also still my favorite of pieces from Upbra.  This bra provides adjustable cleavage and lift while maintaining comfort.  This bra is my preferred bra for most of my outfits.  Check out the differences in my pictures when using Victoria Secret bra  vs. the Upbra Convertible.  The lift is definitely much different.

What I also love about Upbra, is that they have an app for finding your perfect size. No measuring tape or camera needed!  How convenient is that?

♥ Lesley Kim



***This is a sponsored post by Upbra, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.