by Lesley Kim

So often, we search for something meaningful in our lives- like the sole purpose of our existence.  One day, I met a young man in one of my strolls to Little Tokyo, and he struck up a conversation with me.  He mentioned that he was a graduate student at USC, and volunteering at the nearby Japanese American Museum.  Knowing that graduate school can be time consuming and stressful, I asked him why he wanted to volunteer.  He told me his grandfather had served in the war, saying, “Don’t you think we all have an inherent need to part of something greater than ourselves?”

IMG_2635This led me to question the meaning of life.  Do we all have an inherent need to be part of something greater than ourselves? Is this what would give us the fulfillment, the satisfaction, that life was lived to its fullest?

IMG_2630When I had stopped working, I began to feel that my ability to make a difference has diminished.  Working with children with developmental disabilities was challenging, but you also felt that you were part of creating positive change in the world.   Is the meaning of life really about being part of something larger than yourself?

blog13After thinking this out, I have reached the conclusion that the meaning of life is to each his own.  Maybe someone’s meaning of life is to go third world countries to help those living in poverty. And someone else feels deeply fulfilled by painting their masterpiece.  And another who feels immense satisfaction, taking the time to enjoy the little pleasures in life, drinking that perfect warm cup of coffee and reading a good book.

At the end of the day, who are we to judge what makes a person feel like they are living their life, exactly as they wanted it.  Instead, shouldn’t we feel envious that this person has achieved the greatest achievement of all? And maybe aspire to do the same? I have reached the conclusion, that the meaning of life, is your own meaning of life.

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