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The Changes to IG

I took such long breaks from Instagram (IG), that I was the worst at the building connections/maintaining connections change they implemented.  Sadly, I was well into my “bad habits” even when they have already put in place the changes to IG algorithm.  If this is all new to you, then you and I are way behind the changes to IG.  I’m sure you are already well aware that the posts are no longer seen in a chronological order, but besides this significant and obvious change, there are other many changes that occurred.  This has become apparent to me, as my likes have drastically decreased and continue to decrease.  Why?  Because my many days (sometimes weeks) off of IG, my lack of engagement, and my random postings, has hurt my algorithm.  Algorithm?  Yes, I had no clue either, and still have very little clue.  IG wants you to engage, and engage in a meaningful way with your followers. I was wondering why popular bloggers I follow are suddenly commenting on my posts.  Of course, I just ignored these blatant signs that something was amiss. So for a year, or two, I did not engage, only with those I know outside of IG.  This means my posts were not seen by my followers, and little by little, my ranking was placed well below others. So now, I have to work extra hard for people to see my posts, to a point where I decide to start another IG account solely for outfits… not so much my blog…  Here is the new Instagram account: LesleyKim2018

Another cardinal mistake I was partaking in was the overuse of the same hashtags, and too many hashtags.  I learned from a fellow blogger about shadow ban, and IG will actually ban you from hashtags that you often use, and if you use too many, they become ineffective.  Yes, I know, who knew, unless you were up and about and active on blogging and social medias consistently.  Now, that I am back to these avenues of expression, I have become a sponge, soaking in all the information, trying to adjust to the changes to IG.  Have you heard of these changes?  What are you doing to adjust?