Should I start a blog

Should I start a blog?

I get a few DMs on Instagram about how to start a blog and any advice I can give.  I am by no means a successful blogger nor do I consider myself a full time blogger. For this post, I wanted to answer the question that you may be asking yourself, if you have considered blogging. 

My answer

Should I start a blog?  My answer is- why not? I started a blog many years ago, and I like to think that the longer I do it, the better I get at it.  So if you want to blog, whether part time or full time, I think you should. As a part time blogger, you can always take your time, post when you can, engage when you have time, and research it as you go.  With blogging, you can go at your own pace, whether it is to blog everyday or blog every other month. There is no pressure to go at a certain pace, only one that is right for you. 

My experience 

While blogging, I have taken short breaks and long breaks.  We went from having one kiddo to two little kiddos. I completed a doctorate program and we moved from one home to another. During these times,  I blogged, sometimes a lot, sometimes none at all.  You can do the same, or you can blog all the time. 

Blogging is a forgiving hobby.  I say hobby because you have to consider it as that unless you choose to invest some money and serious time with it.  Then maybe you can consider it a business, in hopes of returning your investment plus more. So, the question, should I blog, begs the question.  If you are considering it, I think you should. I truly believe that the longer you blog, the better you will get. You will either see this through the quality of your posts or the ease of creating content.  So I say, go for it, have fun with it, and goodluck!



♥ Lesley Kim