by Lesley Kim

Rose print is one of the trends of Spring 2014.  I usually don’t splurge on trendy items that will only last a season or two, so I opted for a Forever 21 dress with a rose print to satisfy my need for this floral print.  Forever 21 never disappoints in giving my wardrobe a few trendy pieces that will not break the bank.  I used to shop at this trendy clothing store when I was in high school, and recently, I have found my way back to grab a few trendy items.

IMG_4365_edited-1They always say that you should only spend money on high quality and timeless pieces, like a pair of nude Louboutin pumps or a black Gucci handbag.  After disregarding this advice and sometimes splurging on super trendy items, I now completely agree that only timeless pieces are worth the money.  Unless of course you have money to spare. =)

blog19Surprisingly, this rose print dress was well made for such an affordable price.  It has a slight stretch, making for flattering fit.  I also found the length to be just right, especially when paired with stilettos. 

IMG_4366dress- Forever21, sandals- Louise et Cie, bracelets- various brands

What do you think of the rose print for this season?