by Lesley Kim

I have become the lady who has every infomercial product out there. No, not really. But when it comes to beauty products, I may soon be that person.  I decided to write this review about ANSR Beam, a hand held device that provides phototherapy at home, because I came across a similar device, Illumask, that I really wanted. For $30, Illumask is significantly cheaper than the ANSR Beam, which is about $100-200. phototherapy at homeSo what exactly is the ANSR Beam?
“The ANSR: BEAM uses safe, energy-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to provide the benefits of both blue and red clinical photo-light therapy. In photo-light therapy, harmless phototonic energy is absorbed by the skin, where it is converted into chemical energy, initiating beneficial changes on the cellular level. Because the ANSR: BEAM uses photo-light technology to treat acne at the source, it can effectively control breakouts and reduce blemishes.

Eliminate Bacteria and Stimulate the Growth of Healthy Skin
BLUE photo-light therapy uses a 430 nm beam to penetrate the top layers of your skin, killing the bacteria that cause acne without creating dryness, redness, or pain.

RED light therapy can be used on its own as a skin rejuvenator or in conjunction with BLUE light acne treatments. RED photo-light therapy penetrates deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen to grow new, healthy skin cells. This helps give you a smoother, healthier looking complexion by improving skin tone and texture, reducing pore size, filling in fine lines or wrinkles, and reducing redness.

The device measures just 3 inches by .08 inches for easy handling and storage. Its slim profile also makes it easy to slip into a purse, pocket, or overnight bag for use anywhere.” (ANSR)

phototherapy at homeI have had my ANSR Beam for a couple of years now, and I have actually forgotten about this device.  Until…one day, I came across Illumask at a WalMart in Phoenix, AZ. I was intrigued by Illumask and quickly researched the reviews for this new product. People seem to love this phototherapy mask.  I know my neglected ANSR beam uses similar photherapy at home technology, so I resisted buying the Illumask and decided to give my ANSR Beam another try.

phototherapy at homeThe annoying thing about the ANSR Beam is that it requires continuous moving of the device around your face.  This can be tedious and boring, especially when you want to do other things. Illumask on the other hand, is a stay on mask that requires no hands. The good thing about the ANSR beam though is that it can be recharged for unlimited use. The Illumask can not.

So what is my take of the ANSR Beam?  First of all, I have never used the blue light for acne, so I can not comment on this.  I have been using the red light therapy religiously for a week now, and I do feel that my skin is more refined.  I don’t know if this is due to my obsessive use of clarisonic, my new day cream, or just a perceived improvement.

I do know that studies have shown phototherapy to be effective for skincare. So I am not giving up hope on phototherapy at home with my ANSR beam just yet.