pelican Hill

I’ve been to some really beautiful hotels but Pelican Hill Resort & Spa will always be the closest to my heart. My first time at this Newport Beach 5 star luxury resort was while Hubby and I were dating. We stayed at the 2 bedroom villa for 3 nights and it was simply amazing. Based on our initial experience with Pelican Hill, we pretty much only stayed at this resort from then on.

Pelican Hill has two areas-  the private villas and the general bungalow suites. I have only stayed at the two bedroom and four bedroom villas but I have heard that the bungalows are just as amazing. The villas in general are more exclusive and private in that there is a villa guests only pool and restaurant. As a villa guest, you are also able to access any common areas of Pelican Hill such as the coliseum pool or the ocean view golf course  near the bungalows.

Hubby prefers privacy over anything so we only stayed at the villas even though I would have loved to experience the bungalows. The bungalows are essentially one bedroom, one bathroom suites with a private terrace. The two bedroom villa (I think) is the best one to stay at because the villas are stacked unto each other with a massive elevator in between so it feels as if you are entering an ultra luxe apartment.

The 2 bedroom villa is spacious enough yet cozy and warm with all the comforts of home. It doesn’t feel too overwhelming while maintaining its luxury ambiance for the perfect getaway. The four bedroom villas on the other hand, are huge- similar to staying at a luxury house. It stands on its own with a 2 car garage and an extra large terrace. It is 2 stories with 2 bedroom on the first floor and the other 2 upstairs.

Pelican Hill Resort & Spa is truly a magnificent resort, with jaw dropping ocean views and stunning architecture.  It is a little pricey but if you are looking for a fabulous resort to visit for that special occasion, I highly recommend this Southern  California getaway.