The last 3 years of my life have been consumed by school work and all things Psychology related. As my dissertation nears its completion, these past few days have been filled with blogging, whether it is to maintain my own personal blog or to visit other bloggers’ pages.  I suddenly have a renewed interest in this field, possibly because my mind is no longer filled to capacity with school work. I have to admit, I am extremely motivated and inspired by all the blogs I have come across.  I am inspired by the creativity and the hard work of the bloggers, knowing full well how much hard work goes into the making and maintaining of the blog.  From dressing up, to taking pictures, to editing, to posting, to building relationships- it is a lot of work. Blogging is definitely not for those who procrastinate.  I have some regrets for putting blogging on the side to pursue my doctorate in Psychology. I think time lost on blogging have definitely put me way behind everyone else. But I also gained in my knowledge and accomplishment in my other passion.  I think my doctorate program has also made me more efficient in producing work, and I post much more efficiently now. Despite the massive time lost on being a better blogger, I’m still proud that I am nearing my PsyD program (which is truly the hardest thing I have done so far).  For now, I am enjoying this new chapter of my life-  blogging, writing about whatever comes to mind, and living vicariously through others.

dress: Nordstrom Rack

shoes: Rocket Dog