by Lesley Kim

I heard of Palovia, a skin renewing laser you can use at home, from a morning show. Intrigued, I asked my hubby to buy me this skincare device as a present. I’ve had my Palovia for 2 years now, but just decided to write this Palovia Review.

Palovia Review
Some information about Palovia:
The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is the first at-home laser clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Each treatment takes just 3-4 minutes per day.

Makes a slight buzzing noise to indicate it is in use
Delivers a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes in just one month
In a clinical study, a panel of doctors specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery saw a noticeable reduction in wrinkles in 92% of participants after one month of daily treatments

Uses the same skin-renewing, fractional laser technology used by doctors – but adapted and perfected for home use

Fits seamlessly into your life – because it’s fast and easy to use
Invented, designed and manufactured by Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc – a leading supplier of cosmetic lasers for dermatologists and plastic surgeons (

Palovia ReviewYou are supposed to do a treatment each day for 30 days straight at the highest level, then maintain with a treatment once a week. Omg! Each laser zap is so painful, even at the lowest level. It is literally like snapping rubber bands on your skin. I tried the lowest treatment for about 7 days straight and then stopped, primarily because I was getting some darkness where the laser has hit. I was freaked out, of course, but this eventually faded off. I now sometimes use Palovia once or twice a week, when I remember to :). The zapping of the laser is just too painful, and I get welts right after treatment.

Does Palovia work? I feel like Palovia helps some with tightening the skin . Some reviewers really swear that this device works. Even though I am not using Palovia as intended, I feel like it is tightening my skin a little bit. If you can’t tolerate pain, Palovia is not for you. When I googled reviews, I didn’t get much feedback on how painful the zapping is. But I will tell you in this Palovia Review, this device hurts like heck.

I also get darkness and tiny bumps from the laser after 2 or 3 uses but this goes away after a a few days. I am using Palovia more for prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. I’m not really sure if Palovia works. But at this age, I feel like anything is better than nothing. Palovia is quite pricey and not worth it if you want immediate results.