Nourishing Vitamin E Facial Moisturizer RecipeNourishing Vitamin E Facial Moisturizer Recipe

I don’t know what it is, but my skin has been going through a dry spell lately. I am always  on the lookout for great facial moisturizer, the kind that leaves my skin soft, supple, and moisturized through out the day.

I like to use an oil blend on my face on the days that I stay home, sans makeup.  But the problem with oil blends  is that the oil usually need to be massaged on the face a good few minutes for the oil to truly soak in.  I wanted a more simple facial moisturizer that would immediately sink right into the skin.  Check out my Nourishing Vitamin E Facial Moisturizer Recipe below.

Nourishing Vitamin E Facial Moisturizer Recipe

1 teaspoon 100% Aloe Vera Gel
5 drops of 100% Vitamin E Oil
5 Drops of Jojoba Oil
5 drops of Avocado oil

In a small, sterile container, place all the ingredients and slowly stir until well mixed.


I like to make small batches to prevent my homemade skincare from spoiling or getting contaminated.  I also like to wipe every tools and containers with cotton balls soaked in alcohol to sterilize. I am a homemade skincare fanatic, but I want to caution those who make their own skincare, which usually does not have preservatives, to always be careful of spoilage and contamination.

I typically will never make anything with water (which can cause mold, yuck!) unless it is for one time use only.  I have seen many skincare recipes which uses water.  I personally would not make such recipes.  Good luck and have fun making your own homemade skincare! =)