I’m excited to have a new website up.  Blogging has always been a process for me, some days I’m into it and some days I’m not.  With my doctorate program completed and almost finished with my dissertation, I really would like to get into blogging again.  And I begin with a new web design- which I’m super excited about.  This design was uploaded for me but I ended up creating majority of its details.  As a person who likes specific things, I find I end up doing things myself- to my own detriment.  My current blog website design is my fave of all time, however, it took up a significant amount of my time.  The worst part was when I had the design almost to my liking and, of course, that one little “tweak” deleted all the customizations.  And then I had to start over from the beginning!  Finally, I got it back to somewhat the same.

Anyway, for this outfit of the day, I am wearing a handkerchief dress from Aeropostale.  This dress is one of my favorites, especially for the summer.  It’s so comfortable and airy!


Lesley Kim