by Lesley Kim

It’s true when they say that nature is the best artist.  Just look at the perfection of a blooming flower or the symmetry of a snowflake under a microscope.  There is truly nothing that can compare to the skill of Mother Nature.

And so this post is a reminder to everyone that we should enjoy our own beauty, despite the “flaws” that we see within it,  because we are exactly as nature intended.

nature is the best artistIt is easy to see the beauty in other things and other people.  But so difficult to see the beauty within us.  I was watching a documentary about loving your age, and Sharon Stone was talking about her journey to aging.  She looked at pictures of herself in her 30’s, and said, “I was so beautiful then! Why did I never see that?”

We sometimes forget to appreciate the little things that make us beautiful to others. Maybe its the tilt of our smile, the glow in our eyes when happy, or the way kindness shows in our face.   It can be the smallest thing that makes us look beautiful.  And its always good to appreciate it and not always look to what is missing.

I am just now beginning to really understand the way I was intended to be. I will never love everything about myself.  But I can accept them all.  Because at the end of the day, I am exactly as nature intended me to be.