Hi everyone…

There is something about mommylife that time becomes even more precious and fleeting.  For the mommies like me who have children in school, the days become measured in weeks. Each week is defined by the Monday through Friday grind, the afternoon sports practices, the weekend games, and the occasional beach or museum trip. And then the week begins again.

I have heard often that once your child starts school, it will be a blink of an eye. Then you are sending them off to college.  I want to cry thinking of this moment.  First of, that means my children will no longer be little babies – who are extremely dependent on me. That also means, I will be older than I have ever imagined myself to be. Hah, I somewhat kid on the last part.  This mommylife post is brought about by the fact that the school year is almost over.  My 6 year old will have completed 2 years of school, when not so long ago, he was literally an adorable little monster.

A Stay at Home Mom

As a stay at home mom, I struggle with my identity and value in this society.  I think there is somewhat still of a stigma (maybe this is in my head?) about full time stay at home moms.  It’s boring, it’s less productive, it’s not for me, etc. etc.  Many of my friends with children work, and they seem to get more things done. After all, they are working, bringing in income, while taking care of their family. While my primary purpose is only to take care of my family.

But all things said and done, I have to admit, staying at home as a mom and wife, is a pretty nice life.  Maybe it is guilt on my part (because I have this option while many does not), but I usually don’t say that out loud.  I have been with both of my children almost the entire day of all of their early lives. And I can’t imagine any other way.  I think they both have driven me way crazier than any thing else. But the memories engraved in my head are endless because of the time we have been together. There are days where I wish I was being more “productive” with my life.  Lately, I am feeling grateful that I have all these time to spend with my kiddos.  Because…. time is fleeting.