Hi my friends!

I’m sure you have seen those shirts that declare, “momlife is the best life.” Like most quotes, this saying is not comprehensive and complete.  At times, momlife is amazing and wonderful, and at other times it can also be frustrating, scary, and downright crappy. Like everything in life, momlife has its ups and downs.

We tend to gloss things over, because we like pretty, uncomplicated things. We like to believe there is perfection out there, like a mom who is stylishly dressed with a baby against her hips, while she’s cooking a five course meal. And we often see this on social media like Instagram. I always tell my friends that cropped out of that picture is the crazy mess shoved to the sides.  Surprising to me, some of my friends do not believe this. They truly believe this image of perfection. 

I am either a jaded realist or completely wrong. Regardless, I can only speak from my experience. Momlife is sometimes the best life. But most of the times, it is a lot of hard work and an emotional roller coaster.  Before momlife, I had a rosy idea of motherhood and babies. Yes, I heard that babies are a lot of work, but inside, I thought, but babies are so cute.

I didn’t understand why people complain about laundry when baby clothes are so tiny they barely take up space. This was before I had a baby. And then I had a baby who threw up, leak, and drooled all day- so I was changing him 10 times a day, onesies, bibs, pants, socks and all. 

Now that my kiddos are bigger, they are much easier. With two, our family feels full and happy.  But there are still times that I argue with my 7 year old like I have never argued with anyone else. These adorable little creatures can truly elevate your emotions from the super happy to super mad. And when you’re so mad like you have never been before, mom life is definitely not the best life. 

But to end this post on a happy note. Momlife is great and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a full time mom. It is a lot of hard work and it is not always amazing, but it is wonderful.  This is just a reminder that like everything, momlife is not always perfect and rosy so don’t expect it to be.

xoxo- Lesley