Make Your Own EOS Lip BalmMake Your Own EOS Lip Balmmake your own eos lip balm

Who hasn’t seen that adorable EOS lip balm commercial and had to have that little round lip candy?  When I tried EOS lip balm for the first time, I loved how well this lip balm moisturized my lips. I also loved that the ingredients of this super cute lip balm are organic. But the best part of the EOS lip balms may be the round, colorful containers they are in. These round containers are just too cute for words!

Even though the EOS lip balms are in a unique container, the recipe for this delicious lip balm is fairly easy to recreate.  I decided to make my own EOS lip balm at home and wanted to share the recipe. The container of my DIY EOS lip balm may not be as adorable as the EOS lip balm, the finished product however, is just as delectable and moisturizing.


DIY EOS Lipbalm Recipe

1/2 tsp of organic olive oil
1/2 tsp of organic beeswax
1/3 tsp of organic coconut oil
2 drops of organic jojoba oil
1/4 tsp of organic shea butter
1 drop of Vitamin E oil
1 drop of  essential oil of your choice (I used lavender)


In a double boiler, gently melt all the ingredients, except for the essential oil, in low heat. Be careful, as the mixture can become very hot.  Gently pour in a heat safe container.  Stir in the essential oil once the mixture has cooled a little bit.  Refrigerate for a few hours for the lip balm to fully harden.

What do you think of this tutorial on how to make your own eos lip balm?