make your own boho braceletsmake your own boho braceletsmake your own boho bracelets

If I never have to sleep, I would devote this extra time to making things.  I just love, love, love to make things.  When it came to making my own jewelry, I never delved into this hobby until I became a stay at home mom.  Bored when the baby was napping, I invested some money and bought a lot of beads and jewelry findings.  I even sold of some of my finished jewelry on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage. Etsy is actually the reason that I discovered and began blogging.  And now, my blogging has truly evolved into something else.  And Etsy has slowly faded away as a once upon a time.

Today, I wanted to show you a post on how to make your own boho bracelets.  I don’t know if it is just LA, but the boho style seems to be everywhere around me. Layers and layers of light clothing and jewelry is such a norm here. Which is absolutely beautiful!  This make your own boho bracelets tutorial will give you bracelets you can layer with your other pieces.

You will need gold seed beads, which you can find at Arts and Craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby,  a clear stretchy string, scissors, and super glue.  I prefer to use .7mm for the stretchy string because it is just the right size for the beads.  It is also sturdy and does not break easily.

Measure the diameter of the bracelets that you want to make.  Then string the beads until you reach this measurement.  Tie the string at least twice, then dab a small amount of super glue on the knot.  Let dry and then cut the strings close to the knot.  Repeat until you have as much bracelets as you want.

Now you know a simple way to make your own boho bracelets! =)