by Lesley Kim

I ordered 4 new MAC lipsticks from, and I am so happy to receive these beauty products.  When ordering my MAC beauty products, I usually like to order from Nordstrom. They have free shipping, and if I ever need to return or exchange a product, I feel like it’s much less hassle. Today, I am reviewing the 4 lipstick colors I purchased-  Gossamer Wing (Lustre), Ring my Bell (Glaze), Long Legged and Fabulous (CremeSheen), and Have Your Cake (Matte).

MAC lipsticks

Gossamer Wing (Lustre), Ring my Bell (Glaze), Long Legged and Fabulous (CremeSheen), and Have Your Cake (Matte)

MAC Lipsticks

Long Legged & Fabulous

I typically gravitate towards Matte Lipsticks but its nice to have a little change so I decided to try the Lustre, Glaze and Cremesheen lipsticks from MAC.  I think the Gossamer Wing and Ring my Bell were more on the nude color spectrum with sheen to it.  I would use these lipsticks for everyday, simple use, and possibly even on top of other brighter lip colors.  They would definitely add a glossy finish to my other Matte MAC lipsticks.   Long Legged & Fabulous and Have Your Cake, on the other hand, are brighter colors that would look amazing for days I want a more pronounced lip color.

MAC lipsticks

Have Your Cake

I think I just love to have a variety of lipsticks and the best things about these beauty products is you can layer them or mix them to create the perfect color.  I would recommend these 4 lipsticks if you are like me, who likes to have options. I believe that a new lipstick can update your style in an affordable and easy way. However,  if you are looking for an everyday color, these 4 colors are probably not for you. I would recommend the MAC lipstick Brave (Satin) instead, which I love!!