I’m so in love with my new traveling makeup case from Joligrace.  Yes, I have a lot of makeup. Unfortunately, this means clutter and chaos in my vanity counter. Makeup up brushes, blushes, lipsticks, foundations and eyeliners are often difficult to organize because they are small and there are too many of them. Like most of my friends, I have the clear acrylic makeup storage containers.  However, these organizers are not portable and you can’t easily move them from one space to another- much less take them on a trip.

The Black Diamond Professional Makeup Train Case with Four Tier Dividing Tray from the makeup train case collection by Joligrace is a lifesaver.  This premium makeup train case is not only sturdy, it is also extremely spacious- enough to hold my makeup, skincare products and a few of my favorite nail polishes. There is even enough room in the bottom tray for a curling iron or a flat iron. The sturdy aluminum frame also makes it perfect for travel or just for storing.  For everyday, I store my makeup essentials in this chic makeup train. When going for an extended trip, I can easily just grab this luxurious makeup train, without fuss or stress.

The Joligrace Black Diamond Professional Makeup Train is sleek and sophisticated- a professional makeup train for an affordable price. At $51.99, this well made, high quality makeup train will last many years of use. Worth every penny, this makeup train case can be used by professionals, bloggers or makeup enthusiasts. 


♥ Lesley Kim


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***This is a sponsored post by Joligrace, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.