We started our renovation in our backyard and exterior almost 6 months ago and I am dying for everyone to finally wrap it up.  You would think 6 months means there was a lot of things done, but delays, delays, and delays, only meant time went by with little work done.  This photo was taken pre renovation at our backyard and I can’t wait to finally lounge around again and just enjoy the tranquility of our backyard.  This dress is from Forever21, and it is soon going to my donation pile.  Outside of this day, I have not worn this dress, and I don’t think it is something I want to keep.  I am working hard to purge my closet, slowly but surely, only keeping items that are treasured. It is difficult for a clothing hoarder like me, but come January, I hope I am more motivated. What are you thinking of doing for your New Year’s resolution?