“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”
Charles Spurgeon tiger

IMG_6519The Los Angeles Zoo is such a treat to visit.  I have been to this zoo many times yet it never gets old.  The Los Angeles Zoo is located at Griffith Park and opens from 10am to 5pm, everyday.  Admission at LA Zoo costs $18.00 per adult, $13.00 for 2 yrs-13 yrs old, and under 2 are free.  There is a huge parking lot in front of the zoo, free of charge. This is a big plus since parking is never free in LA =)IMG_6541Lately, there has been a lot of construction around the LA Zoo.  I don’t really mind this because at 133 acres, the LA Zoo is so big, you can avoid the construction if you  really want. IMG_6564The LA Zoo has a variety of animals from elephants, tigers, flamingos, pandas and alligators.  So many that it is impossible to see them all in just one visit.IMG_6590IMG_6539IMG_6528Outside food are welcome in the LA Zoo. If you prefer to eat inside, there are plenty of options like Zoo Grill, Reggie’s Bistro, Mahale Cafe, Churro Factory and Gorilla Grill.  LA Zoo also have many vendors selling kettle popcorn, glazed almonds, churros, and frozen drinks through out the park.IMG_6566For the kiddos, a petting zoo, playground and carousel are available.   The petting zoo is a favorite, with gentle sheep and goats for the kids to pet.  Brushes are also available for the children to groom these domestic animals. The playground is the most popular, often filled with playing children. The carousel is $3.00 a ride and well worth it for the smile your little one will have. IMG_6551 IMG_6561A visit to the LA Zoo is one of my favorite outings with my little toddler.  B absolutely loves the petting zoo, and now the carousel.   I, on the other hand, enjoy being surrounded by nature… and all the yummy snacks i get to have =)