I’m so excited to partner up with Les Georgettes by Altesse, a French jewelry brand that allows you to customize your jewelry to match your mood. Les Georgettes allows you to customize your jewelry by mixing and matching any designs, finish and leather color.

A little bit about Les Georgettes:

“Les Georgettes by Altesse is an innovative French jewelry concept featuring interchangeable and reversible colored bands.  By combining the savoir faire of Maison Altesse and Maison Texier, Les Georgettes by Altesse brings together the finest in jewelry and leather craftsmanship. All collections are produced with traditional French know-how in our ateliers in the Ardèche and Brittany regions, ensuring that you are provided with the highest quality pieces of jewelry,” www.lesgeorgettes.com.

In this collaboration with Les Georgettes, I started with Design Your Cuff Bracelet.  I wanted a bracelet that I can wear for everyday, so I selected the Small 14mm.  There are 4 options available for the bracelet size, from Small to Wide Fit.  Next, you can select a design for your cuff from a selection of 8 designs.  For mine, I selected the Girafe design for its modern flair.  Next is the finish, which comes in four options (Gold, Pink Gold, Silver and Ruthenium).  I went for the matte effect because I am currently obsessed with matte gold.  I finished off with the light pink and light gray leather.

The beautiful thing about Les Georgettes bracelets is that you essentially receive three bracelets.  You can wear the piece without the leather- in my case, without the pink and gray leather band- so that only the matte gold cuff is present. Or you can wear the bracelet with either of the color you selected.  I love that for days I want to go with a feminine flair, I can select the soft pink leather under the matte gold cuff.  For days I want a more modern look, I can wear the cuff alone or with the gray leather band.

This collaboration with Les Georgettes is one of my favorite because I had complete control of the product I was receiving.  From the design to the color of the leather, I was able to customize my bracelet to my exact specification.  The bracelet itself is not only beautiful but also well made and high quality-the kind of piece you can get from the likes of Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth.  There is something to owning a piece of jewelry that you not only adore but can also expect to wear for a long time due to its craftsmanship. As I get older, I am truly appreciating higher quality items.  I believe it is worth it to save up and wait for that special jewelry you love and will last a lifetime than a number of little items.  Les Georgettes by Altesse is not overly expensive but it is definitely worth every penny and you can expect to wear it for many years.