Do you ever become overwhelmed with Instagram (IG)?    I certainly have, and after amassing almost 2k following,  I decided to significantly trim it down, keeping only those who I want to follow. I know this will be to the detriment of my stats, as I learned that the more I follow popular IGers and comment, the more visibility I get.  However, having too many following was driving me crazy.  To the point that going on IG was stressful and overwhelming.  I literally had to scroll through hundreds of bloggers’ posts to get to my friends’ posts, if I even catch them. I often have to manually search for their names (which is time consuming) only to view their posts.  I knew I had to do something, and so, after several days of clicking unfollow, I was able to decrease my following of about 2k to a manageable 300 or so.  This took some time to declutter my IG, but I certainly feel much better.  I saw posts from people I forgot I was following.  I was able to comment on those I want to comment on with much more ease. Keeping it simple with IG is definitely making me more excited to get on IG. This is also motivating me to declutter a number of areas in my life, and focus on what is more enjoyable.  How do you feel about your IG account?  Is it a manageable outlet for you?


Lesley Kim