“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”
-Helen Keller
On my first time in Milan, it was rainy, gloomy and dreary.  Despite the weather’s gray overcast, my trip to Italy was quite memorable and exciting.  My sister and I stayed at the Melia Milan Hotel, a 5 star hotel, which was quite comfortable.  Yes, it seems obstinate to mention this is a 5 star hotel, but my intention is not to be annoying.  My sister and I selected 4 stars and above hotels on our trip and to our surprise, a 4 star is not necessarily comparable to 4 star hotels in the United States.  So if you really want to be a little comfortable, I highly suggest only 5 stars unless you know the exact  accommodations of the hotel through others. If you don’t mind what kind of hotels you stay at, then of course go off of your needs.  We both like comfort above all else so we definitely learned a lot about selecting hotels on this trip.
On our trip to Milan, it was a city experience, with a number of people always busily strolling the streets.  When you hear people who went to Italy rave about the food, it is because the food truly is amazing.  We had our first dinner at our hotel – of pasta, bread, and chocolates.  Divine!  I have never tasted pasta so good and we were beyond satisfied with our meal.  We also explored the city, strolling through the city center looking for the Duomo of Milan. It was quite hilarious as we would ask each other if that structure is the cathedral, or if its that one.  I promise you, you will know the Duomo once you encounter it.  This massive cathedral can not be mistaken for another structure.  Milan, Italy was an adventure.  Definitely a must visit if you go to Europe.
sweater- Rue21. vest- Arden B, earrings- old,
necklace- Forever 21, bag- Michael Kors, boots- Uggs Australia
umbrella- courtesy of Melia Milan Hotel