How to wear a two piece set

How to wear a two piece set

How to wear a two piece set

I usually don’t wear two piece outfits even though they have become quite trendy. As a petite person, I feel like a matching two piece set is just not flattering on my smaller frame. Daring to be more adventurous, I ventured out of my comfort zone and gave it a try. 

For this new style look, I opted for something fun, flirty, and super adorable.  This 2 piece summer pink and white striped bandeau and skort set from Shein is all that and more. For $34.00, this two piece ensemble is a beautiful fit.  There are soft ruffles on the end, creating a feminine vibe. I initially thought the bandeau top will be too cropped, but I found it just right.  The skort is also a unique design because it provides a glimpse of legs without overly revealing. 

What I discovered from my experience wearing a matching two piece outfit is to go for what you like.  I chose a not so bold print- and if you want a more sophisticated vibe, I recommend going with a solid print. With summer coming to an end, I do not recommend buying two piece sets with floral prints. Great fall colors would be soft neutrals like browns, camels, or creams.  

Two piece outfits come in so many different varieties- like  suits, top and skirts, top and pants, and  much more.  What’s great about a two piece outfit is the ease of getting ready. A set means you just put the outfit on and you’re ready to go. This is so convenient, especially for a busy mom like me. I am not tall by any means, so when I choose a two piece set, I prefer a simple design as to not overwhelm for my smaller frame.

What do you think of two piece sets?



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