How to Make Food FeltsHow to Make Food FeltsHow to Make Food FeltsHow to Make Food Felts

My little one and I went on a play date and the other mommy had made cookies out of felts.  These adorable DIY toys provided so much fun and entertainment for the kiddos that I was inspired on how to make food felts.  The good thing about felts is that they are easy to work with.  I initially used fabric glue to seal the sides of my food felts, but the fabric glue was not as sturdy as I would like.  I ended up using a hot glue gun.  Though very effective at gluing the felts together, hot glue gun does require care and patience because the glue can become very hot, sometimes leaking through the felts.

To make a watermelon felt, cut the shapes as seen above.  Carefully use an adhesive to glue the shapes together to make the food felt.  I used rice to pad the food felt and give the food felt some weight.

These sushi food felt are my favorite.  My toddler loves pretending to eat these adorable little pieces with a pair of bamboo chopsticks. To make these sushi food felts, cut white felt, about 1 inch by 6 inches.  Cut a black felt, about 1 inch by 3 inches.  Add strips of colored felt at one end of the white felt, and roll the white felt to create the “rice”.  Add some glue to secure the roll.  Add the black felt around the white for the “seaweed.” Secure the felts with glue.

These cookie food felts are probably the easiest ones to make.  Using a round cap, I traced round shapes on a light brown felt.  I glued the sides about 80% of the way to make a pocket, filling this space with rice.  Then I sealed the sides fully.  I added some decorations on top for fun.  (I wanted to add “chocolate chips,” but I did not have dark brown felt.) The beautiful thing  about making food felts is that there are no limits to your imagination.