One thing I noticed immediately on Blogger was that the quality of my images were significantly lower in my posts than in my computer.   For most blogs, pictures are an essential part.  The loss of sharpness and brightness of images is noticeable and can affect the overall feel of the post. I know some blogs have amazing images and I thought there had to be a reason for this. Based on my trial and error experience, what worked for me in improving the quality of my images on Blogger is listed below.

Here is how to keep the quality of your images on blogger:

Once your images for your post have uploaded, go to HTML.   Look for something like s320, near your image file.

It should look something like this:

for EDp3vSTzwoI/Uk0gE_QjKMI/AAAAAAAAFJw/KmV_Z6wwcTY/s320/

IMG_3099.JPG” width=”262″ /></a></div>

Change the 320 to 2000 for all the images.

You should have better quality images on your Blogger posts =)

Did this tip of how to keep the quality of your images on blogger work for you?  Let me know!