by Lesley Kim

Today, I want to share some tips on how to improve your blog. I am by no means an expert blogger.  But through my journey of blogging, I wish I had been able to find some of these tips on how to improve my blog, saving me time, headache and sleepless nights. Below are some advice, I personally learned, that may help you on how to improve your blog.

how to improve your blog

1.) Comment on other blogs and leave a link of your website. This makes it easier for other bloggers to click back to your site.   Copy and paste this to the comment box:

<a href=”“></a>

the red will be your url address,  the blue will be your title (what you want your link to say)

Commenting on other blogs will generate some page views, getting you noticed.  It’s also nice to get some feedback from other bloggers, and they may give you personal advice on how to improve your blog.

2.)  If you want to change from free blog hosting like blogger or wordpress to a self hosted page, do it ASAP. Don’t think that you can carry everything over from a free blog hosting to a self hosted site.  Many of your readers and followers will not carry over, and you will have to start over.  Bloglovin does allow you to carry over your followers, and you can get more information about this at their site.

3.)  Improve your pictures and picture quality.  Pictures matter A LOT.  This is an area I struggle with. I am constantly trying to improve my pictures because it is difficult to get them as I want them.  Challenge yourself to try to have better pictures.  You will love your blog more, and so will others.

4.)  Maintain a clean, minimalist look for your blog theme.  The one consistent thing I noticed about popular blogs is that the blog itself is neat and clean.  There are not a lot of clutter, making the content of the posts shine through.  Strive to have a clean looking blog.  If you can, maintain same width for your pictures, or try not to vary them too much, from tiny pictures to large.

5.) Follow many other bloggers.  You can learn a lot from other bloggers, whether by looking at what they do on their blogs, or asking them.  Other bloggers are great resources for learning how to improve your blog.

6.)  Figure out your goals and focus on them.  If you want to have an outfit diary to share with others, or thoughts, just as a self fulfilling hobby, do as you are doing. You know yourself best, and what makes you happy.  If you want more views, more followers, and possibly some revenue, you have to work hard at this.  You will also need some posts that generate organic views, unless of course your photos are amazing.  Put SEO friendly tags into your post to help google or yahoo find your posts.  I have spent countless nights researching this, and I still have no clue =).  There are tons of information out on the web, so go find them!

7.) Join and be active on social media.  I am not a social media fanatic, but because of blogging, I have become more active on social media.  Social media like facebook, instagram, lookbook, and twitter can help generate some traffic and new audience to your blog.  This is worth a try if you want more traffic to your site.  Think of it as free advertising.

how to improve your blog

I hope some of these tips on how to improve your blog are helpful to you.  If you can, let me know what tip you have learned that was blog changing. =)