Have a happier day

Hello my friends!

Now that I am posting more about Life Advice, I feel like I can go on and on forever. And if you ever meet me, I seriously can talk about life for days.  

This post will be about how to have a happier day. Ever feel like your day is blah or maybe even worse, it feels like a terrible day?  Sometimes, situations happen that ruin your day- possibly your whole year- and it’s hard having that positive vibe for the day. If you are having a not so great day, there are still things you can do to have a happier day. 

Put things in perspective

If things are happening that are making you upset, sometimes putting things in perspective can help.  What positive things can happen from this bad situation?  Maybe it will make you prepared for the next catastrophe. Maybe it will make you appreciate certain people more. There are good in every situation, you just have to look for them.

You can also look forward to the future to see how powerful this bad situation really is. Will you care about this situation in a year?  How about in two years? In ten?  Putting things in perspective can help ease some of your suffering, thus help you have a happier day.

Self care

When nothing is going right, sometimes self care is exactly what you need.  This means you do something that makes you feel good. It can be a lunch date with a good friend, a trip to the library, a massage, a yoga class. Something you want to do for yourself. 

Talk about it

I am in psychology so talking about it means everything to me. I think everyone should go to a therapist. But if you can’t or don’t want to, there are so many people you can talk to. A friend, a pastor, your partner, your co worker. Talk about your day, talk about your hopes, talk about your dreams, talk about your fears. Talking makes you feel good and it can help you have a happier day.  If you don’t want to talk about it, you can write about it.  Just let it out. 

Surround yourself with happy things

Watch a funny movie, be around happy friends, go to a comedy show, read a funny book. To have a happier day, you can take happy and positive things from your environment. There are  a million sources, you just have to keep an open mind. 

And now my post will end here.. here’s to hoping you have a happier day!