exciting LBD exciting LBD

exciting LBD

exciting LBD

I love a good little black dress (LBD). Whenever I am at loss for what to wear, a good little black dress never fails me. I have a few simple LBDs- the fitted knee length kind with an understated design. These classic LBDs are essential for any wardrobe, however, an exciting LBD is just as necessary. If you are tired of accumulating simple LBDs, here are some tips for adding a few exciting LBDs to your wardrobe.

Like any pieces, fit is the most important thing. An ill fitted dress, no matter how beautiful, will look awkward and unflattering.  The first requirement to finding an exciting LBD is to find a good fit.  Next, look for a unique design. LBDs can be boring and underwhelming. A mixture of fabrics woven with lace, crochet, or leather can definitely create an exciting LBD.  To find something more exciting and unique, opt for dresses with different textures. You can also choose dresses with an unusual cut or with layers.  Regardless, stray from the usual A-line LBDs that every girl has in their closet.

On this post, I am wearing a mock neck, lace ruffled LBD  from Shein.  Though this dress is an LBD, it is not the typical LBD. There is a sophisticated mixture of fabric and texture.  The design is eye catching- a statement piece- despite the classic color and somewhat classic silhouette. This dress is also only $34.00 and is a perfect dress for a cocktail party or a wedding reception.  I love that despite its understated color, this LBD is fun and exciting.

What do you think of LBDs?


♥ Lesley Kim



***This is a sponsored post by Shein, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.