First of all, I am by no means a blogger pro.  As a newbie, my journey of blogging has been quite a learning experience.  I started with Blogger (or, a free, blog publishing service by Google.  Creating a decent blog was time consuming, often frustrating, and sometimes fun. It consisted of reading numerous DIY blog posts, watching countless videos, and many, many trial and errors.

I decided to move to WordPress just when I was becoming comfortable with Blogger.  I was somewhat disappointed that all that I have learned will no longer be in use.  This is the reason I decided to share the tips and tricks I  learned about navigating and creating with Blogger.

This post is about How to Add Category Menu On the Header for Blogger or (seen below).

Pinkalicious-Pink Themed Birthday Party IdeasDirections:

1.)  Go to your Blogger DashBoard

2.) Go to Layout by clicking on the drop down arrow

Blogger  Blogger Dashboard

3.)  Add a gadget and choose Labels.

4.)  Place this gadget under Header

Blogger  Lesley Kim - Layout5.)  Click on Edit.  A popup will show up.

6.) Click on Selected Labels.  You will check the Category that you want to show on your Category Menu.  Try not to choose too much, about 6-8 categories, so that the menu does not go to the next line.

7.)  For sorting, I choose Alphabetically, for display- List.

8.)  I do not check off   “show number of posts per label”

9.) All done!! =)