by Lesley Kim

C has been coughing lately so we took him to his pediatrician.  I asked about natural remedies, because as you know, I am a big fan of natural remedies and homeopathy.  Honey was recommended as a natural remedy for his cough. So I went home that day and researched the benefits and risks of giving honey to a toddler. I found that in one study, honey was actually found to be just as effective as a cough suppressant.  Many sites also recommend that honey must never be given to children younger than 1 because they are at risk for serious food poisoning called infant botulism.

Homemade honey lollipops

I wanted to buy honey lollipops, but then I thought, why not make them?  Below is a simple recipe for homemade honey lollipops.

1/2 cup of honey

1.) Heat honey on medium to high heat until it boils.  Boil honey for about 5-7 minutes, depending on your stove. (Be careful because the honey will be very, very hot!)
2.) Test if the honey is ready by dropping some on cold water.  If the honey hardens, the honey is ready.
3.)  Place lollipop sticks on a baking mat or wax paper.
4.)  Pour a spoonful of honey on each lollipop stick to create lollipops.  Wait for the candy to harden.  Wrap in wax paper or plastic wrapping of your choice.