Part of finding true happiness is understanding yourself, what you want, and what makes you happy. I think we are often pushed to categorize ourselves into a neat little box. But as I find in myself, I am multi dimensional- with many different interests that change through the days, weeks, months, and years.

This post is meant to ask a simple question- hoping to shed more into what makes you happy. Are you a homebody, an adventurer, or both? Some days I wish I live in a tiny home while traveling the world. Other times, I want a big farm with everything I could ever need. Through this exploration, I begin to understand that I am really a homebody who gets a little thirst for adventure here and there.

I begin to accept that my love for staying home is me. It’s my own happiness, not hampered by those who get happiness from seeing the world. I enjoy organizing, reading a book, then spending time in the garden. If I get a craving for a little adventure, I seek it. But I no longer compare to others’ adventures as I used to. I am now unapologetically a homebody.

Social media has glamorized the adventurers, with stunning photos of them exploring the world. But let me tell you, there is also peace and serenity that homebodies like me have every day that is just as fulfilling. It’s a quiet happiness that is difficult to show in social media, but it is just as wonderful.

Regardless, whether you are a homebody, adventurer, or both, when you know what makes you happy, you end up seeking it. And your day becomes exactly as you want it. Full of life, contentment, and all you.