I am currently obsessed with guipure lace. If you are not familiar with this lace,  it is a type of lace with thicker threads than typical lace. The impact is just as feminine but more elegant and pronounced. I expect guipure lace to become quite popular for Spring, so keep a lookout for this sophisticated lace! 

For this outfit of the day, I am wearing a blush colored maxi dress with guipure lace details in the front and the back. The effect of the guipure lace is luxurious and beautiful against the chiffon like fabric of the skirt. Blush pink is also one of my favorite Spring trend because it is unassuming enough to almost be a neutral, yet it’s hue is flattering for any skin tone. This dress from Shein also has a high necked detail that is ultra feminine and elegant. The mixture of the high neck and sleeveless details is such a delightful contrast!

Now that Spring is almost here, what do you think of guipure lace?

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***This a sponsored post by Shein, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.