Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion Review

Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion Review

Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion Review

I am always on the lookout for natural skincare and I am excited to post a Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion Review for today.  First off, I love that this revitalizing lotion is packaged in glass.  As you probably know, chemicals and toxins can leach into skincare stored in plastic. So naturally, I am already loving the fact that this facial lotion is packaged in chemical free glass.

A little bit about this lotion:

It is:

  • 100% ORGANIC & NATURAL: Daisy flower, witch hazel, edelweiss extract present in the formula helps oil control, balancing oil secretion, improve oily skin’s condition, tighten pores. Sunflower oil, jojoba oil, moisturize the skin, to make it soft and firm.
  • ORGANIC & 100% NATURAL: GÖTZ Treatment is Paraben-Free, Alcohol -Free & Cruelty-Free. Improve Complexion & Skin Tone, Extract Dirt & Impurities, & Leave Your Skin Clean, Hydrated, Soft and Radiant.

This Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion seems unscented, which is great because scents can easily irritate the skin.  It has a light, silky texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. I generally use a toner to prep my skin for my skincare, and with this lotion, I found this was helpful to extract all the goodness and benefits of this all natural skincare.

I have been using this revitalizing moisturizer for about a week now, and I find my skin is smoother, with a subtle glow.  I think this facial lotion is perfect for day time because it is lightweight and non greasy.  It works well with makeup and does not produce an oily sheen like other heavy moisturizers.  Meanwhile, it is an effective moisturizer, creating a healthy, supple texture to my skin. When I am not wearing makeup, I like to reapply this lotion to maximize its benefits.

The Gotz Oxygen Revitalizing Lotion sells for $42.00 at Amazon with Free Shipping.  It is made in Austria.