Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Fusion ReviewFresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Fusion Review

I received the Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Infusion from a friend, and always the one to try new things, I wanted to share  my experience with this toner. The Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion can be purchased from retail stores such as Sephora or for $48.00.

A little bit about this toner:

“Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Infusion is proven to provide 24 hours of moisture and significant protection from environmental stressors while evening skin tone and refining skin texture. The radiance-boosting formula also softens the skin which allows ingredients to penetrate more deeply, enhancing the efficacy of your complete skincare ritual.” (

Ingredients include:

  • A proprietary complex derived from a potent blend of black tea, blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract is proven to inhibit damaging free radicals and improve skin elasticity.**
  • Polysaccharides help to smooth the skin.
  • Japanese mandarin extract helps boost radiance and even skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic acid works to attract and seal in moisture for supple skin.
  • Rosewater is notable for its soothing and balancing properties.
  • Vitamins E and C help protect the skin. (


My Review:

I kind of like the Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Fusion, maybe because I love the ingredients.  The directions state that you can apply this product via cotton ball or with your fingertips. I prefer to sprinkle about 10 drops into my palm and pat this toner onto my cleansed skin.  The consistency of this toner is thicker, almost like a watery gel, so I feel like a cotton ball will just soak up all of its goodness.  I think this toner hydrates my skin, especially after washing my face, and it sets my skin properly for my moisturizer. I feel like my skin is softer and more moisturized when using this product, and one bottle will definitely last a very long time.