This last few days of warm weather has me getting excited for Spring.  When I think of Spring Fashion, I always think of florals and pastels. In this outfit of the day post, I am wearing a dress from Forever21. I picked up this dress because I really liked the pink and blue floral print against the black. The color contrast is dramatic but not overly exaggerated, giving it an eye catching and feminine vibe.  In my quest to clean out my closet,  I have found myself randomly wearing clothing pieces from my closet (like this floral print dress) around the house, trying to get a feel whether I should donate or keep.  I am somewhat on the fence about this dress, but I think I will be keeping it around for Spring.  My simplifying my life goal is going somewhat well.  I see shelves in my closet that are now half full, which means I am purging and clearing out.  I am also refraining from buying new things because I know this would just complicate my life.  Slowly but surely, I am tossing things.  I am also maintaining a pretty set schedule for the things that I need to do, utilizing my time more efficiently.  As Spring nears, how are you doing with your goals for this year?