How to find the right beanie

I thought I’m not really a beanie person.  I could never find the right beanie for my small face.  My hubby, on the other hand, always seems to look good with a beanie, especially with his California laid back kind of style.  He says I look good with any beanie, but how can I trust him when I have asked him countless of times if my hair looks crazy, he says no, then lets me walk into a store with crazy hair.  Because of my endless search for the right beanies, I think I have become somewhat of an expert in beanies.  Not to mention, my hubby has so much beanies, I think I have seen every kind there are.  So from my experience, I wanted to share how to find the right beanie.

1.)  Go slightly larger.  There’s nothing worse than a beanie that looks like you have stuffed your head in there.  If you feel like beanies just don’t look good on you, try one just slightly larger, and you will be surprised at how different it can look.  Your hair will not flatten as much, and the framing of the beanie just seems more flattering.

2.) Try them on. Surprisingly, my favorite beanies are the ones I ordered online.  I especially love the Arctic Paw from Amazon, for $15.99, which I am wearing on the picture.  However, to save yourself the trouble and heartache of returns, go to a store and try several kinds of beanies to find the right kind for the shape of your face.

3.)  Go for what you love.  I am a firm believer that if you love something you are wearing, you will look great in them. No matter what others say, if you think it looks good on, go for it.  Style is subjective.  What one person likes, another may not. This has always been true, and it will always be true. So if you think you look good in the beanie, rock it.

4.)  Try the beanies with pom poms.   Ok, I’m biased… I love beanies with pom poms, and I think it looks great on women.  So if you’ve never tried one on, now is the time, and you may just love them like I do.

5.)  Go for better quality material.. I think better quality beanies just will fit better and feel better.  If you must have one beanie, look for a good quality one.