I love that we can now easily find quality faux leather or faux suede pieces. I have been looking for a faux suede trenchcoat and I was so happy to find this one from Shein. This coat is made of the softest faux suede fabric. This trenchcoat is super smooth and luxurious and feels like the real thing. What I love about buying faux leather or faux suede is that it is relatively inexpensive and eco friendly. This one from Shein is only $22! What a bargain right? 

And I know winter is almost coming to an end. That means goodbye heavy coats and bulky sweaters. Still, a lighter jacket or coat is much needed for the next coming season. This faux suede trenchcoat is just perfect for Spring. The color is absolutely gorgeous and flattering for any skin tone. What I also love about  this faux suede trenchcoat is that you can easily layer it over leggings or  dress for a stylish and easy on the go look.  

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***This a sponsored post by Shein, written by me.  All opinions and content belongs to me.