by Lesley Kim

I usually look to Fashion Show collections for my fix of eye candies .  My heart just swooned with love when I saw the Etro Spring Ready to Wear 2014 Collection. ( If you have a lot of money and really have to have an Etro piece, you can find this gorgeous brand at department stores like SAKS, Neiman Marcus, or their website, Etro.)  This collection embodies all things feminine- light, airy, pastels, flowing… and my favorite… so bohemian chic.  L O V E ! !

I just can not get enough of layering when it comes to clothing.  I am also extremely excited that for the coming Spring, fringe is actually coming back.  I can’t wait to take out some of my fringed pieces that have gone in hiding =)

Etro Spring Ready to Wear 2014 Etro Spring Ready to Wear 2014 image image image image

Which of these adorable outfit combinations are your favorite? 

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