I know we have heard it a million times before. And I know, I’m repeating it again.  But yes, you should enjoy your age, no matter what. My hubby is older than me, and he always tells me, never think you’re too old.  

In my late twenties, I thought I was getting old. I focused too much on what this would mean. Do I have to act more conservative, dress “my age”, accomplish more things? I was obsessing about all these while having the insecurities of someone in my early twenties.

The ironic part is, in my teens, I was too busy looking forward to my twenties. Then in my twenties, I was too focused on my insecurities as an “impostor” adult. And now, in my 30’s, I am finally learning to enjoy my age. I am finally settling into this “age related confidence” I have heard about.  This confidence where you accept yourself as you become non apologetic for your flaws. You embrace your strengths and you learn to really love yourself.

But you know what? You can enjoy your age, no matter what it is! Whether you are in your teens, 20’s, 50’s or whatever. Enjoy it! Embrace it! Cherish it! This will come if you understand that each age is special and there is a time for each passage of your life. There really are no rules. As long as you are enjoying your age, in all it’s joy and angst, you are living life.

Have a great day my friends!