by Lesley Kim

I am at a loss how to integrate my love for Psychology and my love for the materialistic things of Beauty & Fashion.  As a future clinician, we are taught to think about the population we want to work with.  I tend to lean towards working with children.  But while working on this blog, I can’t ignore my passion for Beauty and Fashion as well.  And I think, why not combine Psychology and Beauty & Fashion to empower women?

empowering you

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I am a believer that if you are not beautiful on the inside, people will not perceive you as beautiful.  Unfortunately, I also believe that those who do not feel beautiful on the outside, typically does not feel great on the inside, no matter how beautiful they really are… Today, I wanted to create a category, Empowering You, that is rooted in my love for Psychology, with a dash of Beauty & Fashion.  Most of my posts will be thoughts and ideas, meant to empower women, to feel good, to look good, and to be their best.  This category only stems from positivity, and may not apply to everyone.   It is all about bringing a sense of empowerment to women.