DIY Family Name PlaqueDIY Family Name PlaqueDIY Family Name Plaque

Hi everyone!!  I have been trying to organize my home and doing a lot of DIYS lately. Unfortunately, I get in the zone during my DIYS and never take pictures while in the process. (The picture below is actually a photo I texted a friend about my DIY project.)  This adorable, DIY family name plaque is made from materials purchased at Michaels.  You will need an unpainted, wooden plaque, some wood letters, acrylic paint, paint brushes, and wood glue or hot glue gun (which I used).

The whole process is pretty self explanatory.  First, paint the wooden plaque with the color of your choice.  In my case, I used black.  Then, paint the letters with your chosen acrylic paint color.  I used vanilla for mine.  Once dry, carefully lay out the letters on the plaque and then one by one, attach the letters to the plaque with glue.  You are finally done with your customized family name plaque, all for about $15 and 30 minutes of your time! What do you think?