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I learned to make jewelry when I stopped working to stay home with my new baby.  I am one of those high energy people who need to constantly be doing something, otherwise, I get restless and dissatisfied.  So I took up many hobbies, among them jewelry making. (Yes, I know, like a newborn is not enough to fill up my day =))So today, I wanted to show you a super easy way to make a pair of turquoise, dangle earrings. These diy dangle earrings are pretty easy to make, though you may need practice making a loop on the headpin (the long needle thing you put through the bead).You will need 2 beads of your choice, 2 headpins, 2 french ear hooks, jewelry pliers and  a cutter.  All these items you can purchase from an Arts and Crafts Stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.First, you will insert each headpins through each bead.  Then with the jewelry pliers, make a loop. (Or you can wire wrap, depending on the length of your pins.)  Trim off the excess wire with the cutter, making sure to cut off as close to the loop as possible.With the pliers, open up a French ear hook and insert the loop on the bead onto each ear hook.  Using the pliers, close up the opened ear hook.  Repeat for the other bead.

Now, you have a pair of gorgeous, turquoise diy dangle earrings!!