We have been going to Disneyland ever since my first kiddo was 2 years old.  He is now 7. When my second one came along, we started going with him when he was less than a year old. When I say we, I mean just me and the kids.  In our many trips to Disneyland, I have learned how to make Disneyland with little ones a less stressful trip.  

In this post, I wanted to share some advice on how to make Disneyland with little ones less stressful, about 5 years and under. 

  1. Strollers are a must. If you will be with more than one young child, use a double stroller.  They also rent them out at the park, so no worries if you don’t have one.  The lighter and smaller, the better. 
  1. Avoid the crowd by going on weekdays.  5 years ago, the weekdays were calm. I feel like, now, the weekdays are almost as busy as the weekends were.  Weekdays will still be crowded, but it won’t be as crazy as the weekends.
  1. Pack light.  Just pack essentials like a few diapers and wipes, one or two water bottle. Nothing that will weigh you down.  After all, you will have to board a tram to get to Disney. That means you have to unpack and fold your stroller. Almost everything you will need will be available at the park. If you have your wallet and phone, you can pretty much purchase everything else. 
  1. Take your time.  It’s a big park.  You will never get it all done in one day. I think we have gone over 30 times and we still haven’t see every corner of Disney. If you relax and absorb the environment, you will enjoy every moment of it.
  1. Toontown for the kids. Toontown is in the back so it’s not as busy as the front.  It’s still busy but there are play areas you can go with the kiddos without waiting in line. 

Disneyland can be hectic. It can also be magical.  If done right,  you and your kids will love the experience and will want to come back again and again.