Today was a productive day for me even though I pretty much stayed home all day.  First thing in the morning, I reorganized and redesigned my kids’ play area.  Initially, I had centered a play tent from Restoration Hardware in the middle of round rug, with a child size lounge chair on each side and a tiny side table. It was symmetrical and looked more put together- however, this play area was barely used.  I finally decided to opt for the more functional design instead of the more visually appealing and lo and behold, my toddler player there most of the morning. I had moved the tent to one side, a bookshelf next to it, and on the other side, I placed both of the fabric chairs against the wall, with a side table in the middle. A floor lamp hangs over one of the chair, and I kept the tossed pillows on the rug. This area looked more cozy and definitely more kid friendly.  I will post pictures one day, but as of now, I’m pretty happy with my change.

As for my outfit of the day- I am wearing the coziest of cardigans from forever21 over a white tank top and distressed denim jeans.  It’s casual and easy for a day like mine 😊.  Happy week everyone!