by Lesley Kim

I typically go through a number of lip balms, partly because I misplace most of them, but also because I do use them often. Kiehls lip balms have been my favorite for years. But lately, I have been experimenting with my own lip balm recipes and love how they are coming out.

Cocoa and Coconut lip butter recipe

Homemade lip balms are fun to make, super easy and best of all, inexpensive. You can also customize them to your liking and give them away as gifts. I usually make my homemade lip balms, like the one using the cocoa and coconut lip butter recipe, as I need them. I purchased small containers from Michaels, which holds these concoction perfectly. I do caution that since lip balms can melt in high heat, it is always important to buy a container that seals tightly. If you want, you can reuse small containers from skincare samples. Amazon also carries a number of great containers that are perfect for homemade lip balms.

Cocoa and Coconut lip butter recipe

In this post, I wanted to share a yummy cocoa and coconut lip butter recipe.


1/4 tsp of melted beeswax
3/4 tsp of coconut oil
1/10 tsp coca powder
1 drop of vitamin e oil
1 drop jojoba oil

Mix the melted beeswax and coconut oil together. Slowly mix in the cocoa powder. Add the vitamin E oil and jojoba oil.  Carefully mix the mixture until everything has blended well. Then transfer the mixture to a clean, sterile container for storage. Refrigerate for an hour or two to harden the mixture.

Apply this cocoa and coconut lip butter recipe liberally and often for moisturized lips.