create a boho chic ootd

create a boho chic ootd

create a boho chic ootd

Hi everyone…

Yes, I love me a good boho chic outfit. In this post, I wanted to outline the easy way to create a boho chic ootd straight from your closet.  With Coachella just finishing up, the boho chic look is everything right now, and for me, it’s everything pretty much all the time.

How to Create a Boho Chic OOTD

The first step is to find a flowy dress.  This can be a short dress or a maxi dress.  I am petite so I prefer shorter dresses with long sleeves.  In my boho chic outfit, I am wearing a navy blue dress with floral print and long sleeves.  As long as your dress is loose, and flowy, it already feels bohemian like.

Also choose prints and colors that are earthy.  After all, bohemian is all about being a free spirit and living carefree.  I would stick to earth tone colors like navy blue, moss green or brown hues.  I usually wouldn’t choose electric pink or cobalt blue for my boho chic look, but honestly, there are no rules, and as long as you can make it work, it does.

Next, are the boots.  I don’t know what it is but you can pretty much make any dress look boho chic by pairing with some good walking boots.  Not the stiletto kinds of boots, but boots that are comfortable with either a flat heel or block heel.  Boho chic has a comfortable, effortless feel to it, and if you wear sky high heels, it detracts from the carefree style of the boho chic.

Last are accessories.  You can layer a few necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry, whatever it is, as long as you do it tastefully.  I am usually good with a few thin gold necklaces and a number of rings, or bracelets.  I think you can pretty much use any purse to create a boho chic ootd.  In my ootd, I am using a Louis Vuitton tote, only because they are functional.  If I truly want to feel boho chic, I would probably throw on a crossbody bag, with even a hint of fringe detailing in there.

Would you try this how to create a boho chic ootd?